Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blog Hop?

It is where a group of bloggers join together around a particular theme on a designated date and time.  Readers then may Hop to each blog via the names listed on the event. The duration varies. It can be a day, week or a month.  Our Hop happens every Wednesday from 9 am to  11: 55 pm EDT/USA/EST/New York Time.

Are You Open To Any Genre?

Unfortunately no.  We cater to authors, writers and reviewers of Paranormal Romance.  We believe that it is an under served area genre within the mainstream audience and are dedicated to educating and informing the public about it. 

I Have A Paranormal Romance? Do I Have To Be A Published Author To Participate?  

No.  This blog hop is open to anyone with a story that is a paranormal romance.  

What If My Story/Book Is Not Finished?

Not a problem. Since you are only posting an excerpt to give everyone a taste of your fabulous paranormal romance, that's all right.

An Excerpt? I Thought You Are Here To Promote Paranormal Romance Books!

We are authors who write in and love the genre in general. We are not an author promotion service. With that said, it does not mean that books are not apart of our focus.  When you sign up for the blog hop, you can promo as much or as little about your book in post.  We use the four paragraph guideline because we've found that any thing longer can possibly lose the interest of some our readers as they go through the Hop.

So How Do I Add You Guys To My Blog Post?

Once you have signed up for the blog hop.  At the bottom of the post, click on the link that says 'Add Your Link.'  Fill in all of the relevant information and then click on 'Take Me Back To Link-Up.' You will then be directed back to the blog hops main page.

Once you have returned, Click on the 'Get the Inlinkz Code' at the end of the post and paste the html code within the excerpt that you are promoting. The link will automatically take every one to that article!  

Please Note:

Then you must have your post live by 6 am EST/EDT - USA time, Wednesday morning of the week of the hop in which you've signed- up or else your post will be removed.

Thanks for joining us and come back every week!  We look forward to seeing you!


Paranormal Love Contributors

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