Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memorial day in Vampire world? by @eva_lefoy #paranormal

Here in the United States we're 11 days from the Memorial Day holiday. Where I work, we get Monday, May 25th off to celebrate. Most often people hold barbecues and get together with family and friends. Some place flowers and flags on the graves of their relatives. Often times there's a parade.

Of course, us humans have plenty of holidays to celebrate throughout the year, which makes me wonder.... what sort of holidays would vampires celebrate? What kinds of vampire events would they wish to mark and how would they celebrate? Let's see...


Night of the frozen blood - February 1st
Depending on where they live - like not Hawaii for instance - things could get pretty cold. Vampires living in say Minnesota or Michigan might have to deal with adverse weather conditions. Perhaps they gather to mark the occasion and share some mutual warmth. Hmmm, that might call for an orgy!

First taste of spring - April 25th
In the northern hemisphere, spring thaw can come pretty early and there's plenty of reason for vampires to celebrate. No longer are their blood stores at risk of freezing but there's plenty of frisky donors about. If they're "vegetarian" vampires, the migrating deer will make an appearance in the festivities.

Fangtascious Summer Solstice - June 20th
After suffering through longer and longer days with more and more sunlight, a vampire would skip and dance at summer solstice, knowing it is the longest day of the year. After solstice, the days get shorter and the nights get longer - just what Doc Vampire ordered!

Full Moon harvest - September 28th
For humans, the harvest moon means bringing in the crops and putting away food for another year. Why not so in vampire world as well? October 27th is the Hunter's Moon but why wait? Catching a few farmers on their tractor late at night could stock up the reseves for that long cold winter ahead.

Coffin polishing day - October 30th
Seriously, with Halloween just a day away, who wants to not look good?

Halloween - October 31st
A vampire's favorite holiday, one that allows them to be themselves, just for one night. To wander the streets as they really are, to blend with and be accepted by people and not to have to worry about that little dab of blood on their chin.

Sleep of the Dead - December 1st 
Yes, vampires can hibernate just as well as bears. And why not? It's so bloody cold in some parts that hibernation station might be the answer to surviving yet another dull winter TV season of endless re-runs and recycled Christmas movies. Besides, even vampires need their beauty sleep!

Well, those are my suggestions for vampire holidays. Can anyone suggest any others?

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  1. Coffin Polishing Day, LOL - love it ;) Since Halloween is my fav holiday, I understand the need to 'look good.'

    Fun post!

  2. Hello Eva, thank you for the interesting article. All the best with your books.