Thursday, March 5, 2015

Is paranormal romance lightening up?

Granted, there are countless stories published everyday about vamps with smoldering stares and Alpha shifters of all stripes who wouldn't crack a smile if someone presented their next victim on a silver tray.

And yet, I've noticed a bit of a change recently with a few paranormal romances trending toward romantic comedy. How I welcome that.

Since I have an irreverent sense of humor (some might call it warped), I find it easy to write witty banter and out-of-the-box scenes. Screwball comedy if you will.

Could be that's why I've been such a huge fan of MaryJanice Davidson's Undead series.

And movies in the same vein. Couple of months back, I caught that old flick Love at First Bite on the Internet. 

Although I wanted to watch The Walking Dead (hey, it's the definition of grim), I'm glad I saw the movie. It was a riot, and got me to thinking about supernatural creatures, not as perfect Alphas with bulging biceps and the sex drives of the Energizer bunny, but as messed up beings who are just trying to get through the day like the rest of us. Hey, Superman has his problem with Kryptonite, doesn't he? And werewolves get hairier than Alec Baldwin when they're faced with a full moon.

There's comic gold in that, and I'm glad I'm seeing more of it, because that's what I'm writing now with my newest series Taming the Beast. A lighthearted look at supernatural beings, including a witch, a minor god, a demon, a good fairy, and a voodoo priestess who don't have all the answers. Hey, most of the time they're not sure of the questions.

So what do you like? Brooding beasts, a dash of wicked comedy thrown in, or a little of both?

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  1. Fun post, Tina. I love a creepy old fashioned horror or ghost story, but who doesn't enjoy a laugh, even in the paranormal world?

    BTW, I'm dating myself but I saw Love At First Bite when it first came out. George Hamilton was hysterical :)

  2. I saw it on cable recently - probably during Halloween. You're right, he was a riot. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. :)