Thursday, February 19, 2015

I've Fallen Off The Wagon...

...And into the arms of a paranormal.  Which one?  Take your pick! Or pic? Puns intended.

Sam Witwer as Aidan in Being Human (U.S.)

I think I should explain myself.  A long time ago, I swore off all paranormal movies for various reasons.  The most important was the whole 'The Lost Boys' debacle of 1987, 1988 and 1989.  The problem was I became obsessed with it. Like really obsessed with it. I knew every line to the movie, I had the posters, fan magazines and paid way too much for the movie on VHS (yes I'm dating myself but didn't that happen when I quoted the dates above? And as for the price, $87.00 is still too much to pay for a movie I don't care what it is or if Jeremy Renner is nude in it!  Wait did that slip out on to this blog? I'm moving on. Join me.) 

I loved The Lost Boys and believe it or not, I rooted for the vampires.  When I first saw it, I like any other newbie was all for Sam and Michael winning.  Then after some pretty tough convincing from a close friend-- Kathy you know who you are-- and countless hours of movie watching later-- I lost count after twelve times, I knew in my heart that David, Marko, Paul and Dwayne had been brutally murdered by some horrifically nosy kids who should have never believed that little slut Star and her bratty charge Laddie.  

Of all The Lost Boys, my favorite was/is David.  

David ruled the group with a quiet calmness. He never raised his voice to the others.  Never through his voice around.  If any of them faltered, he gave them a look that said, 'think again' and usually they (i.e. Star) did.  

My working theory is that he is Max's (the guy who owns the video store and is dating Sam and Michael's mother- Lucy) son.  After all,  Max kept telling Lucy that boys need a mother.  And he later on, we find out that he was referring to the Lost Boys in general and David in particular.  Anyways, I'm attracted to power and at the time platinum blonds so David/Keifer had me.  An alpha male, who was powerful, skilled and knew how to give a good mind f*ck when using his paranormal abilities.  They don't make 'em like that any more.    

So when the kindler gentler age of vampires came around-- I was left feeling hollow inside.  And it wasn't from having my blood sucked out of my body, it was more out of pure boredom.  Color me unimpressed.  

Then I read on facebook that the Syfy channel (back then the Scifi Channel) was redoing a British tv show about a vampire, werewolf and a ghost and was going to bring it to American tv-- I was like... ehhhh.... It's Twilight right?  The vamps are vegetarians who are like twelve years old (let's just say I'm way over thirty-- ahem) and they sparkle.  Pass.

But one day when getting ready to go somewhere, I was waiting for my old car to warm up and I happened upon a marathon of that show, 'Being Human' on the syfy channel.  Since there was nothing else on, I watched it thinking I'd be done in five minutes and walk away.  

Well, all I remember is I wound up watching the entire episode, ran my errand quickly to come back and catch the rest of the marathon.  I tell you I was hooked.  Now what happened to the show in the following seasons is a different discussion but needless to say what helped in persuading me to love the show apart from the great actors, script, setting, story line, directing etc was the hot vampire i.e. alpha/lead male of the three.  His name is/was Aidan in the U.S. version-- not sure what is in the Brit version.... maybe you guys can help me out.  Here he is... played by Sam Witwer.

Aidan was sharp, bright, funny, insightful, broody, witty, hot, strong and more than a little tortured with daddy issues-- those problems stirring from his relationship with his vampire father Mark Pellegrino aka Bishop and his two vampire sons whose names escape me at this moment along with the death of his human son which also tortured him at some point.  Add in the plot line of him being a former revolutionary war soldier (hey Sleepy Hollow they did it first!) plus he was a nurse at the local hospital... it was fresh, new for me and exciting-- I knew I was in trouble.  

So then came the downward slide to werewolves... not too many of them though because for some reason casting directors don't make them look as hot as their vamp counter parts.  That's a problem some one needs to fix.  I'm sure there are hot weres out there, perhaps you can point out a few... 

I managed to find one-- 

Lucian of the Underworld movie franchise fame.  Sure Michael Sheen is not your conventional beauty but what his 7 brings to the table is surely out matched by his honor, duty and the total devotion he still has for his lover who died while carrying their child.  

Plus it helps that he looks a whole lot better when he's cleaned up because throughout most of the movies he's pretty grimy.  Anyway with all that mixed in I consider him a solid 9 in my book.  Plus I saw Michael Sheen on a talk show once and he seems like a cool guy too and that helps too.  

After that, it's been a steady diet of were books from Siren Bookstrand to feed my habit and a new found determination to write another paranormal romance but this time with an erotic edge and some real 'teeth' to it.  

Until then, 

Keep Reading.



  1. Hi Clare, I was looking into signing up for the Wednesday Paranormal Blog Hop (I've done some Blogs, but no idea how to do a Hop, more on that later). But I'm commenting to tell you how much I liked what you've posted here about your love (and period of not so much) relationship with Paranormal storylines. I have written a three book series, which to my surprise was classified as a Paranormal-Romance by a professional editor, but he also said I couldn't write my first story (which I'd already written) because it "Violated the Genre' (it wasn't enough like Bram Stoker's Vampires). I'd read and seen a good number of the blood-crazed vampire type stories and how they (males) attacked innocent humans (females). Those they didn't "drain" they would turn into blood-crazed vampires (and this concept bothered me). I had always had trouble with bullies in school because I was a late bloomer - the smallest kid in whatever school I was wasn't until my H.S. Junior Year I got my "growth spurt." I never wanted to be a bully and felt the victims of vampires might feel the want to be able to "square things with the "bullies." So, to make a long story short, my vampires fight against not only those blood-crazed vampires, but also human criminals and evil politicians (all devoted to sucking the life from innocent people one way or the other)! & are my current books (digital and print) if you'd like to check them out. Now, about the "Hop," in normal blogs I'm asked to send an E-mail to the host with the "Blurb" (usually what is on the book's back cover) along with an excerpt or snippet, Bio, Cover Photo, Buy Link(s), Social Media & a "headshot" of yours-truly. But, from what I've read, a Hop is a bit different - I'm supposed to post a small "something" about the book(s) "somewhere" (where?) and then post the address for the Blog Hop at the end to take the reader back to the Hop, but what I haven't learned is WHERE to post the http: address where the information about my book(s) is/are supposed to be? How does it all work? I'm a "soiled senior citizen" so some computer stuff is confusing! My E-mail is so we don't clog up your site (as I've already done). (-:

  2. Hello Clare, nice article. All the best with you. Happy reading.